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This is the very first article in a series about dental workplace decorating. All of us have dislikes and likes. These articles are intended to provide you with some insight to those feelings and the way you can use them to choose what works best for the dental office. Paint Colors – When a brand-new patient opens front door and walks into your workplace they’re forming their first impression of you. They’ll be encompassed by your colour selections and dcor.

What will their first impression of you’re? When you are well prepared to select paint colors keep in mind that the colors you choose say a lot about you, so what do you need your office to say about you? COLOR, Color, colour. The importance of colour can never be underestimated. Our responses to color did you study for decades, whether for promotion functions, the way to keep offenders calm or what colour gives us the most attractive look. When Im asked what color scheme functions best in a dental office my response is, well, it depends.

Are you decorating your present office or is it brand new? For an existing office we must consider what you are not changing like cupboards or dental chair colours. How can we utilize these existing colours in our new colour scheme? For a brand-new office the choices are virtually infinite except for dental chair colors that, sadly are restricted. Are you selecting colours for yourself, your staff or your patients? I recommend that you choose the colours you enjoy being around because this is the workplace, a place you probably spend nearly as much time at as you exactly do at home.

Kate Smith describes the various responses we’ve to different colours based on research and the historical importance of color. This may give you some insight to the colours you like and why you like them. Bear in mind this isn’t to suggest that you use these colours, but you might wish to consider a colors shade or the tone. Did you see any colours that appeal to you? Say you’re into green, but what shade of green? Would you make your entire office green? Dont think so. It is best to balance a main color with a contrasting color and/or shade .

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