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Your Outdoor Life

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than through a road trip? Calculate and explore each inch of land from beginning to end with the open fields, rough mountains and open skies ahead. I have always admired and coveted the heroes and heroines of movies who just pack up and leave to some far away exotic land or get stranded in some beautiful location with, hopefully no monster chasing after. The beautiful scenery away from all the busy turmoil of urban life is heaven in itself. Here are a few choice vehicles for the ideal road trip.

Motorcycle – If you are the adventurous type, a lone sole or friends with bikes, what better way to enjoy a road trip than in your own personal mechanical monster with its revving engines and powerful wheels? Here is one way to enjoy the trip and mold it to fit your agenda while being a subject to the natural elements. However, before setting out make sure to do a thorough check up on your motorcycle as it has many sensitive parts which need to be frequently checked. Ensure all are functioning right and are will be no need for ktm spare parts while on the road.

Cars – A car is something most of us have and is something a little less adventurous than a motorcycle but still gives us the same experience with a little extra space and the company of a select few others. Similar to motorcycles, check every part of the vehicle before setting off and most importantly, clean the vehicle before leaving. While a motorcycle cannot collect garbage, a car can and if you are generally slobby, this will not bode well when confined to a small filthy space for extended periods of time.

Caravans – Especially if you are going through or to a remote location with little chance of finding decent accommodation, camping or travelling with family, a caravan is ideal. It has the extra space for the whole family to enjoy and stay out of each other’s hair plus the added bonus of a toilet in-house thereby reducing on restroom breaks along the way. It might also be a more cost effective solution when taking the whole family along.

Public Transport – This is best for a couple or a group of young people to enjoy. Using public transport to go on long distances is sort of like hitch hiking except you pay for your ride, but it is equally exciting to find your way through the cities mingling with the locals. However, this also means you need to carry around your luggage so in case of using public transport, make sure to pack light. 

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