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Open Plan Goes Out Of Vogue

While originally touted as a sign of corporate progressivism and employee centred thinking, the tides are finally once again turning against the trend for open plan office fit outs, with more commercial offices reporting a return to cubicles for their offices. Although they have been extremely popular, with as many of two thirds of the offices in the United States reporting use of the concept to at least some extent, open plan offices have a number of disadvantages that are being increasingly realised. While businesses have been a fan of open plan offices for the image of worker friendliness and freedom from the cube that they originally projected, along with the reduced space required for the same number of staff members working in an office. Originally it was thought that having an open plan office would promote creativity and collaboration: however, the feeling that many people have in an open plan office that they are working in an oversized fish bowl actually discourages them from talking to other workers and collaborating on work, whereas people are more likely to drop in on another staff member’s cubicle in cube farm office layouts.

Office space planning should take in to consideration the business and operational requirements of your individual business of office tenant representation. One of the major disadvantages of an open plan office for workers that need to deal with confidential or sensitive material to any extent is that there is a complete lack of visual privacy in an open plan office. Everyone and everything is out in the open for everyone to see, preventing staff members from working effectively with confidential or sensitive documents. Another major drawback of the open plan office is the lack of noise control: multiple studies have shown that staff members report higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction when they are able to work in quieter environments. While some people feel that the buzz of an open plan office translates to more energy in the work place, this is not necessarily the case according to research. Rather, a quieter and calmer work place is more conducive to productive and happy staff members, as one would expect.

The best sources to consult for advice regarding the planning of space in office buildings are the providers of tenant advisory Sydney, visit this site to know more. These services are well acquainted with how best to fit all staff members in to a limited space and arrange an office so as to make best use of the space available and meet legal requirements regarding occupational health, safety, and welfare, fire evacuation routes, and office accessibility. Many can even mock up potential office designs using specialised software packages, which can be a great aid in the planning of office spaces. Therefore, it can definitely be worth your while to get in touch with a good provider of these services prior to any fit out of an office space.