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Keep Fit This Winter!

The temptation when that bitter winter chill hits town is to retreat under the doona and wait for spring. When you wake up on those cold, bleak mornings, the last thing that most of us want to do is get out in the cold and start running. But take heart! There are heaps of fitness activities that are perfect for keeping the blood flowing during the winter months – and that don’t feel like exercise at all! First, why not warm up with a salsa class? Salsa is so fun that you’ll feel more like you’re at a party than a kilojoule-burning session. There are a couple of friendly salsa schools in the Fitzroy area that are welcoming to beginners. You can wear whatever you like, and don’t need a partner – just rock up and join in the fun!

Speaking of fun ways to exercise, how about this one: dancing in the dark. No Lights No Lycra is a fantastic organisation that runs dancing workshops in the Brunswick, Fitzroy and Melbourne CBD. As its name suggests, this is an exercise group where the dancing fun begins when the lights go out; rooms are only very dimly lit, and all you have to do is show up and dance. You’ll be amazed at the confidence the darkness gives you to bust a move! You’ll also be surprised at how much of a workout you get when you really go for it on the dance floor with cuban salsa lessons. The group’s success means it’s now operating in London, New York, Glasgow, Vancouver, Berlin and Auckland – come and see what all the fuss is about!

If you can’t face venturing out into the winter morning to get to the gym, bring the gym to your house! Having a yoga mat and skipping rope in your living room means you will always have a pair of handy exercising aids at your fingertips. Skipping is a fantastic way to do a quick burn of some kilojoules. Try doing a few quick bursts of intense rope jumping a day – maybe three sessions of 2 minutes. The yoga mat will give you a comfy place to do some sit-ups, push-ups and some strengthening exercises in front of the TV.

Lastly, joining an indoor sports team in winter is a fun, easy and engaging way to get moving – without having to bear the brunt of the cold. You’d be surprised at how many local teams there are in your area looking for another member to add to their ranks. Great options are indoor soccer, netball, basketball and – if you like a bit of a challenge – hockey. Team sports are also a great way to keep motivation; if you slack off and decide not to go, you’re not just letting yourself down – you’re also letting down your team. Joining a Zumba class – a fun, dance-based exercise class – with a friend will also help you stick to your fitness goals. As you can see, there are no more excuses to chill out when the chill hits town!

Is Your Child A Budding Artist?

Kids love colours. Some are found painting the walls with their hand prints, some are painting themselves, some are even found painting their own dresses, and some love to draw doodles all over your blank walls. If you think that your child is a budding artist, then do not stop them. Instead help them to find the correct track. Enroll them in any good drawing and painting school where their ability and talent will get a right direction. But along with that, you, as parents, will also have to do your part of work, which are as follows.

• To help them be better with colours and paint brushes, you can buy them paint by numbers kits. The kits contain a set of paint brushes, a set of colours with numbers print on top of the lids, a pre-painted linen canvas and an instruction paper on how to do it. It will help the kids not only to know the colours, but will also help them to fill colours accurately and in proper place. It is easily available in all major painting online stores of Australia.

• There is no doubt that paint with numbers kit is a great thing to start with, but along with that, it is necessary for the kids to learn how to draw properly. Though that will be taught in painting class, but make sure your child practises at home often.

• If your child is not in love with painting and all, you just can’t enrol him or her in any painting school and make them feel frustrated and pressurised. Remember, hobbies are created in-born. In this case, you just cannot force them into doing something which you want. So, look for the fact that whether your kid loves to paint and sketch or not.

• There are some kids who just love to colour everything all around them. But that doesn’t mean they all will love to paint in paper also. So, check that out before coming down to any conclusion regarding your child.

• To check them, give them a pencil and paper first. Ask them to draw anything they like to show you. See what they are doing. Check their quality of drawing. Once they are done with that, ask them to fill colour in it. Some children are wise enough to put correct colours in correct things, like brown colour for hills, green for leaves and all. See whether they are doing so not.

• If they are good in drawing only, and not in choosing colours, do not worry. Rather ask them whether they love to do this or not. If they say yes, then be sure to enrol him in a good training school of painting.

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