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5 Alternative Ways To Rent Your Property

So you’ve got a place to rent and are currently looking for a tenant. Where do you begin? You could go down the usual route and place an ad with your local estate agent or you could do something a bit different. The ideas below are designed to give you more control over the full renting process and even educate you on some alternative ways to advertise Bangkok condo rentals.

First off is the best of the bunch, online sites that list properties for rent. They are incredibly easy to get started and don’t require any prior knowledge of renting online. Many of these types of websites will even let you list rental properties for free and will either take a percentage of the rental price or will charge a subscription fee from users looking for places to rent. This gives you the huge advantage of getting your property out there without it costing you a thing. A quick tip: put yourself in the shoes of your potential renter by searching other rental properties in your area that match what you offer and see what details they highlight and how they showcase their property images. This gives you a great idea on what to include on your own post.

Next up are notice boards. While not as good as advertising online due to the fact that you are limited to how many, if any, images you can place on your advert, you still have the benefits of free advertising and complete control over the rental process. You can find notice boards in places such as shopping centres, universities, and hostels. Simply write down all the details of your listing and don’t forget to add your contact details of condo for rent in Bangkok.

Tell all your family, friends, and colleagues that you are looking for a tenant. Networking in this way is simple but so incredibly effective. You never know who you tell might know someone who knows someone that is currently looking for a cosy place nearby. Your place could be right up their street, figuratively and literally speaking. You may not even need to tell everyone face to face, a quick post on social media could do the trick quite nicely.

Take an ad out in your local paper. Whatever you may think, estate agents do not control the monopoly on advertising properties for rent in the newspaper. The great thing about advertising in the newspaper is that your ad will be shown in a specific section where potential tenants will actively go to try and find new accommodation.

Finally, you can always put up a for rent sign on your property along with a contact number. This way, your future tenants can get the full outdoor picture of the house or flat along with a feeling of the surrounding area while they are there. And if you’re home, they can get an instant tour.