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Additional Skills And Knowledge For The Workplace

The best employers know that paying an adequate salary is not enough anymore to keep hold of their staff. These days, employees look for many more things than mere good pay: good working environment, good working conditions, leisure time, CSR opportunities and most importantly, opportunities to learn and grow within the job. It is the responsibility of the company and the HR department to make sure that every employee is provided the opportunity to attend at least one development course per year. They do not necessarily have to be directly related or relevant to the job description, but could add to the skills and knowledge of the individual. Below are some courses that can be offered by a company:

Emergency Medical Courses
The standard emergency first aid course is something everyone should be proficient in, not simply company employees. There are institutions that conduct workshops and training programmes to train groups of people to handle emergency situations and give first aid until help arrives. This skill is extremely valuable in large offices with equally large number of employees as it may take time for the professionals to arrive.

Corporate Psychology and Sensitivity Training
Both have roots in psychology but branch off into two completely different areas. Corporate psychology is all about how a hierarchy works and how you can turn the tide towards you to succeed. For instance, trainers will teach you the unspoken rules of corporate culture that will help you navigate the tricky ladder to success.

Sensitivity training is very useful for service providers and those in direct contact with clients and customers. This training will teach you how to diffuse tense situations, deal with irate customers and troubleshoot, be aware of previously unconscious racial profiling and other discriminatory practices etc. This is a necessary skill in moving forward in a client-servicing industry.

Leadership Training and Team Building Skills
Leadership training is one of the commonest courses offered to corporate employees. The general practice is to have an outbound training session, where employees go on retreat at a remote location and are given tasks to complete as teams. They are also put in situations where they have to make sudden decisions. This forces them to develop better cohesion as teams and they will also receive lectures and tips on developing better leadership skills.

In addition to CPR refresher course, there are slightly more advanced programmes that teach other resuscitation methods such as defibrillation and emergency tracheotomies. Then there are also lifesaving courses in water (pools) and instructions on how to deal with epilepsy, stroke, and anaphylactic shock.