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The Ups And Downs Of Owning A Racehorse

Many claim that owning a racehorse can make you a rich person within few minutes? It is true but is that all when you own a horse? As we all know, everything and everyone has their own good and bad. So, the same applies to having a racehorse too. In this article we came up with all the ups and downs you need to know when it comes to this particular topic. So, take a look!

The good side
The reason why many of us are drawn to owning a racehorse is because of the prize money. You know how much the Derby’s earn and how rick their owners are if you are frequent visitor at the race horse club. So, the prize money has a great impact on every one.

You don’t always have to own one totally to become one of the winners. You can also buy a racehorse share, go for horse syndication and even go for a lease. While the richest of them all will but their own horses, the other alternative ways will help people to get partial ownerships. For more information on racehorse sales and auctions you can visit the local websites dedicated for this purpose and even check catalogues and magazines.

Sometimes, it’s not always about the prize money but about the status symbol. Owning one can truly increase the identity of you. Surely, to own one, you need a good fortune and then come the maintenance as well. So, altogether it’s a big deal. Some even build stables for their horses in their backyards. This will add great value to your surroundings as well.
When you are the proud owner of a racehorse, it’s not always you who have to pay the bills for the training and vet. If you find it hard, the best option is to give it on lease. The buyer will go through all the necessary expenses and the prize money will be allocated according the agreements.

The bad side
As we all know, buying a horse doesn’t end the job from there. You have to pay for all the food, training and veterinarian costs as well. Before you put them for races they have to be well trained and exercised. You can’t do this job unless you are a horse trainer. Even the vet bills are so sky high these days but it’s a must. Your horse has to be in perfect conditions before it runs the race. 
Even though we own a horse sometimes we don’t have the space required for their stables in our own lands. So, it does opt to give them for the care of experiences horse caretakers. But you have to pay for them so this too will cost you a lot.

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